Meet bitmark: the code that
makes education accessible.
bitmark is the world's only strictly content-first open-source standard for creating learning content. Use it, share it and help close the education gap in the world.
Why bitmark?
Did you know that today more people have access to smartphones than books? Yet, they don't have access to the same level of education due to the lack of digital learning content. That's why we created bitmark.
One Standard
The absence of a common standard for all limits the progress in education. To fix education we need to have a common ground - that's what bitmark is here for.
Open Source
We believe every content creator, ed-tech startup and solution provider should be able to create and digitize learning content despite their economic possibillities - that's why bitmark is open source and free to use for everyone.
Education is highly dynamic, yet it is trapped on paper or PDF. We believe everybody should have access to high-quality learning content, whether through paper books or smartphones. Therefore bitmark is uncompromisingly mobile- and content-first.